Men’s Basketball Game Watches at Southern Provisions

We will be watching the following men’s basketball games at Southern Provisions:

unc-bbKentucky Saturday December 17 @545p on CBS

Syracuse Monday January 16 @7p on ESPN

Duke Thursday February 9 @8p on ESPN & ACC network

Virginia Saturday February 18 @TBA on ESPN or ESPN2

Louisville Wednesday February 22 @9p on ESPN

Duke Saturday March 4 @8p on ESPN

Depending on RSVP via email or Facebook, we will either be at the downstairs bar or upstairs in the reserved space.   The management of Southern Provisions indicated that they will be our official bar if we get enough people out for game watches.  Southern Provisions is going to be a good spot for us – plenty of space for the big games and an intimate smaller bar area for the other game watches.  Southern Provisions is located at the northeast corner of the Canton Square on O’Donnell and Potomac at 3000 O’Donnell St.

Go Heels!

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